You’re head and shoulders above your competition . . . but does your marketing deliver that message? I will work with you to ensure your first impression is the best impression.



My first job after school was working as a layout artist at the local newspaper, The Sheridan Sun, Sheridan, OR.  Now almost 40-years later and I am still working in printing and publishing.  I enlisted in the USN and served 10-years as a Navy Journalist, first as a radio and television specialist  overseas, than as a Photojournalist after transferring back to CONUS (Navy talk for Continental United States.) I finished up my enlistment homeported in Washington, DC while traveling around the world shooting photographs and writing stories for the Navy.  I know. Rough job, right?

As the 90s started so did my moving away from shooting and writing and into the world of printing and designing on a computer. I also moved back the Pacific Northwest. I honed both my technical and creative skills working at large offset printing companies, color houses and an ad agency. In the thick of production during the emergence of Photoshop as professional photo editing tool, I spent hundreds of hours editing and manipulating images. 

In 2010, I started LynnJ Graphics—a graphic design service.  From print to web, billboards to business cards, I can help with your graphic needs.


Brochures  •  Posters  •  Print Ads  •  Digital Banners and Ads  •  Branding Billboards Magazines Banners  •  Business Cards         Flyers   •  Wall Murals   •  Trade   Shows  •  Event Promotional Material Websites  •  Catalogs  •  and more